Updated Directory of Foreign Ambassadors in Austria 2019

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Below you will find the updated Vindobona.org list of foreign ambassadors and representatives of the bilateral and multilateral missions and representations in Vienna, Austria (including description of persons, pictures, CVs, etc.).

List of foreign ambassadors and representatives of bilateral and multilateral missions and representations in Vienna, Austria (with links to Vindobona description of persons, pictures, CVs, etc.). / Picture: © EU European Commission

List of foreign ambassadors and representatives of bilateral and multilateral missions and representations in Vienna, Austria (with links to Vindobona description of persons, pictures, CVs, etc.).

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List of Appointments (alphabetically by country):

Republic of Angola (since 2018-05-24) H.E. Ms. Teodolinda Rosa Rodrigues Coelho
Republic of Armenia (since 2019-03-19) H.E. Mr. Armen Papikyan
Australia (since 2016-10-01) H.E. Mr. Brendon Hammer
Kingdom of Belgium (since 2018-09-04) H.E. Mr. Ghislain D’Hoop
Republic of Benin (since 2018-01-08) H.E. Mr. Eloi Laourou
Plurinational State of Bolivia (since 2019-07-10) H.E. Ms. Nardi Elizabeth Suxo Iturry
Bosnia and Herzegovina (since 2018-11-06) H.E. Mr. Kemal Kozarić
Bosnia and Herzegovina - IAEA, OSCE, UN (since 2018-10-01) H.E. Mr. Jugoslav Jovičić
Republic of Botswana (since 2018-07-10) H.E. Ms. Athalia Lesiba Molokomme
Republic of Burundi (since 2018-01-08) H.E. Ms. Else Nizigama Ntamagiro
Republic of Chile (since 2018-09-19) H.E. Mrs. Gloria Navarrete Pinto
Republic of Colombia (since 2018-09-19) H.E. Mr. Miguel Camilo Ruiz Blanco
Republic of Costa Rica (since 2018-11-06) H.E. Mr. Alejandro Solano Ortiz
Republic of Côte d'Ivoire (since 2018-01-08) H.E. Mr. Roger Albéric Kacou
Republic of Cyprus (since 2018-01-08) H.E. Ms. Elena Rafti
Czech Republic (since 2018-04-16) H.E. Ms. Ivana Cervenková
Kingdom of Denmark (since 2018-09-19) H.E. Mr. René Dinesen
Republic of Ecuador (since 2019-06-14) H.E. Mr. Roberto Betancourt Ruales
Republic of Estonia (since 2018-09-19) H.E. Mr. Toomas Kukk
Republic of Finland (since 2019-01-07) H.E. Ms. Pirkko Mirjami Hämäläinen
Georgia (since 2018-11-06) H.E. Mr. David Dondua
Federal Republic of Germany (2015-07-20) H.E. Mr. Johannes K. Haindl
Republic of Ghana (since 2018-12-07) H.E. Mr. Komi Bayédzè Dagoh
Greece (since 2019-06-14) H.E. Ms. Catherine Koika
Republic of Guatemala (since 2018-12-07) H.E. Mr. Manuel Estuardo Roldán Barillas
Republic of Guyana (since 2018-07-10) H.E. Mr. David Hales
The Holy See (Vatican) (since 2019-06-14) H.E. Dr. Pedro Lopéz Quintana
Hungary (since 2018-09-19) H.E. Mr. Andor Nagy
Republic of Iceland (since 2019-01-07) H.E. Mr. Bendikt Ásgeirsson
Republic of Iraq (since 2019-06-14) H.E. Mr. Baker Fattah Hussen
Japan (since 2016-10-01) H.E. Mr. Kiyoshi Koinuma
Japan (International Organizations) (since 2014-09-01) H.E. Mr. Mitsuru Kitano
Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (since 2018-09-19) H.E. Mrs. Leena Al-Hadid
Republic of Korea (South Korea) (since 2019-07-10) H.E. Mr. Shin Chae-hyun
Lao People's Democratic Republic (since 2019-01-07) H.E. Mr. Sithong Chitnhothinh
Kingdom of Lesotho (since 2018-12-07) H.E. Mr. Retselisitsoe Calvin Masenyetse
Republic of Liberia (since 2018-12-07) H.E. Ms. Youngor Sevelee Telewoda
Principality of Liechtenstein (since 1996-08-01) H.S.H. Maria-Pia Kothbauer, Princess of Liechtenstein
Republic of Lithuania (since 2018-12-07) H.E. Mr. Donatas Kušlys
Malaysia (since 2018-04-16) H.E. Dato’ Ganeson A/L Sivagurunathan
Republic of Mali (since 2019-03-19) H.E. Ms. Oumou Sall-Seck
Republic of Malta (since 2018-11-06) H.E. Ms. Natasha Meli Daudey
Montenegro (since 2018-04-16) H.E. Mr. Zeljko Perovic
Kingdom of Morocco (since 2019-07-10) H.E. Mr. Azzeddine Farhane
Republic of Namibia (since 2019-03-19) H.E. Ms. Nada Kruger
Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal (since 2018-01-08) H.E. Mr. Prakash Kumar Suvedi
Republic of Niger (since 2018-01-08) H.E. Ms. Fatima Sidikou
Republic of North Macedonia (since 2019-03-19) H.E. Mr. Nenad Kolev
Kingdom of Norway (since 2018-04-16) H.E. Ms. Kjersti Ertresvaag Andersen
Sultanate of Oman (since 2019-01-07) H.E. Mr. Yousuf Ahmed Hamed Aljabri
Islamic Republic of Pakistan (since 2018-07-10) H.E. Mr. Mansoor Ahmad Khan
Republic of Panama (since 2018-05-24) H.E. Ms. Annabella Guardia Escoffery de Rubinoff
Republic of Paraguay (since 2019-06-14) H.E. Mr. Juan Francisco Facetti
Republic of Peru (since 2018-09-04) H.E. Mr. Eric Anderson Machado
Republic of the Philippines (since 2018-01-08) H.E. Ms. Maria Cleofe Natividad
Republic of Serbia (since 2018-09-19) H.E. Mr. Nebojša Rodic
Republic of Sierra Leone (since 2019-07-10) H.E. Mr. M´Baimba Lamin Baryoh
Republic of Singapore (since 2018-01-08) H.E. Mr. Heng Wing Chan
Republic of South Africa (since 2019-07-10) H.E. Mr. Rapulane Sydney Molekane
Sovereign Military Order of Malta (since 2018-04-16) H.E. Sebastian Prinz von Schoenaich-Carolath
Kingdom of Spain (since 2017-10-01) H.E. Mr. Juan Bautista Sunye Mendia
Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka (since 2019-07-10) H.E. Ms. Saroja Sirisena
Republic of Sudan (since 2018-11-06) H.E. Mr. Mirghani Abbaker Altayeb Bakhit
Kingdom of Sweden (since 2018-11-06) H.E. Ms. Mikaela Kumlin Granite
Republic of Tanzania (since 2018-01-08) H.E. Mr. Abdallah Saleh Possi
Kingdom of Thailand (since 2019-06-14) H.E. Ms. Morakot Sriswasdi
Togolese Republic (since 2018-12-07) H.E. Mr. Ramses Joseph Cleland
Republic of Trinidad and Tobago (since 2019-03-19) H.E. Ms. Makeda Antoine
Republic of Tunisia (since 2018-05-24) H.E. Mr. Mohamed Mezghani
Republic of Turkey (since 2019-03-19) H.E. Mr. Ümit Yardim
Ukraine (since 2014-11-17) H.E. Dr. Olexander Scherba
USA - United States of America (since 2018-05-24) H.E. Mr. Trevor Traina
USA - United States of America - International Organizations (UN, IAEA, CTBTO) (since 2018-11-01) H.E. Ms. Jackie Wolcott
Republic of Uzbekistan (since 2018-11-06) H.E. Mr. Sherzod Asadov
Republic of Vietnam (since 2018-01-08) H.E. Mr. Le Dung
Republic of Zambia (since 2019-01-07) H.E. Mr. Anthony Mukwita

Source: Vindobona.org: Updated Directory of Foreign Ambassadors in Austria 2019

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