Austria - China Travel Warning: High Security Risk

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The Austrian Foreign Ministry has raised its travel warning level for Mainland China to "security level 4", in other words "high security risk". Austrian Airlines offers rebooking and refunding options.

Travel to Mainland China: High security risk (security level 4). / Picture: © Chinese and Austrian crossed flags by Vindobona

When traveling to China, the high security risk associated with the spread of the coronavirus and the associated traffic disruptions is pointed out.

It is advised to postpone unnecessary trips or to consider an early departure from China, if this is not opposed by essential tasks.

Partial travel warning (security level 5) in Hubei province due to the spread of the coronavirus. Warning against travel to this area.

Other provinces in China have also imposed restrictions on travel and movement of varying degrees.

These include the cities of Wenzhou, Hangzhou, Ningbo (Zhejiang) and Guangdong province. Long-distance travel may also be increasingly affected.

Fever controls are possible on entering and leaving China or all travel movements within the country, and quarantine measures are to be expected for symptoms such as fever and colds.

Quarantine regulations have been tightened throughout China in recent days, and a 14-day quarantine period has been in force in Beijing since 14 February 2020.

This does not apply to persons who have not been in China for at least 14 days and arrive at one of the two airports in Beijing.

If the entry into Beijing is from another area of China, the 14-day quarantine period must be observed. This can be done at home or in a hotel.

AUA Austrian Airlines informs, that - after a thorough evaluation of all currently available information on the Corona Virus - Austrian Airlines has decided to suspend its flights to and from China until the end of the winter flight schedule on 28 March 2020.

This affects the destinations Beijing and Shanghai.

Most recently the flights had been suspended until 29 February. Austrian Airlines will continue to monitor the Corona Virus situation on an ongoing basis and is in contact with the responsible authorities.

Passengers whose flights have been cancelled can of course rebook free of charge or receive a refund of their ticket price.

This applies to passengers with a ticket issued by Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa or SWISS and flights with an LH, LX or OS flight number.

In order to rebook, please contact your respective travel agency, the Austrian Airlines call center or rebook online via the Austrian Airlines website.

Due to the heavy strain on the health system, general medical care may be restricted.

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