Staying Overnight in Vienna During Covid-Lockdown

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During the current 4th Austrian Lockdown (November 22 to probably including December 12, 2021) overnight stays in Viennese hotels are allowed for business reasons, but not for personal reasons. Find out what the requirements for an overnight stay in a Viennese hotel are and what exemptions are possible.

Overnight stays at hotels in Vienna are still possible for business purposes. / Picture: © Wikimedia Commons / kodiak / CC BY-SA (

Despite the nationwide lockdown that has been in effect in Austria since November 22, it is still possible to stay overnight in Vienna for business reasons.

During the lockdown, which is scheduled to end on December 13, one may only leave their home or accommodation for the following reasons: important errands (e.g., groceries or pharmacy), the journey to work, and recreation.

Throughout the lockdown, all stores except for grocery stores will be closed, restaurants and cultural facilities will be closed, and all events are canceled, including Christmas Markets.

Overnight stays in hotels for tourist purposes are prohibited.


  • People who are already staying in accommodation at the time this rule comes into effect may stay for the duration of accommodation agreed in advance with the host.
  • Care and assistance for people in need of support.
  • Professional reasons that cannot be postponed.
  • Satisfying an urgent need for accommodation.

*Please note that only people who have been vaccinated or who have recovered from COVID-19 are allowed to stay overnight in hotels in Austria.

Requirements for overnight stay in a hotel

  • Upon arrival at the hotel, a vaccination confirmation, or proof of recovery from COVID-19 infection must be shown.
  • The following rules apply to people who have been vaccinated with a vaccine approved by the EMA or with a vaccine that has gone through the EUL (Emergency Use Listing) procedure of the WHO:
    • The proof of vaccination for fully vaccinated people is valid for 270 days from the date of the second vaccination.
    • Vaccines given as a single dose, such as Johnson & Johnson, are valid from the 22nd day after the vaccination for a total of 270 days from the date of vaccination. From January 3, 2022, people who have been vaccinated with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine will require a second dose to receive a Green Pass.
    • The vaccination is valid for 360 days from the date of the vaccination for recovered people who have been vaccinated once.
    • The third vaccination (or the second vaccination for those who have had one shot or who have recovered from Covid) is valid for 360 days.

Safe Stay seal

As a popular travel destination, Vienna defined strict safety and hygiene rules for accommodation providers from the start.

To supplement these rules, the Vienna Economic Chamber, in cooperation with the Vienna Tourist Board, created a special safety seal called “Safe Stay.”

A COVID-19 officer and regular checks of employees are just two of the measures that come with the “Safe Stay.”

Numerous other safety measures ensure that guests staying at designated Viennese hotels (identifiable by the poster at the hotel entrance) can relax with peace of mind.

More information on overnight stays can be found here.