The Consequences of the COVID-19 Pandemic for Austria's Economy

OrganizationsOther ♦ Published: November 29, 2021; 20:31 ♦ (Vindobona)

The consequences of COVID-19 pandemic continue to determine economic activity in Austria and the banks’ higher resilience has been key to COVID-19 response.

The Austrian federal government's extensive aid measures will contribute to a considerable general government deficit. / Picture: © Wikimedia Commons [CC0 1.0] / Pixabay [CC0 Creative Commons]

In its current issue of Facts on Austria and Its Banks, OeNB - Oesterreichische Nationalbank (Austrian National Bank) reflects on developments in the COVID 19 pandemic to date.

Published by the OeNB, “Facts on Austria and Its Banks” provides a regular assessment of economic and banking developments in Austria, based on key indicators for the economy (e.g. economic structure, innovation performance, inflation, labor market, real estate market, external trade, government debt) and the banking industry (e.g. profitability, capital ratios, levels of exposure to CESEE). …