COVID-19: Travel Between Iran and Austria Declines Sharply

Lifestyle & TravelTravel ♦ Published: March 8, 2020; 19:52 ♦ (Vindobona)

Iran Air has suspended all flights to Vienna. Additionally Austrian Airlines has suspended its flights to Tehran and the Austrian Foreign Ministry has issued a security level 6 travel warning and recommends leaving the country as soon as possible.

Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport at night. / Picture: © Wikimedia Commons / Princeofpersia1 at English Wikipedia / CC BY-SA (

The Iranian news agency IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency reported today that Iran Air has suspended all flights to Europe. The explanation given was the following: "Because of limitations set for unknown reasons by Europe on Iran Air flights, all Iranian flights to European destinations, too, have been suspended until further notice."

AUA Austrian Airlines has recently announced that flights to Tehran will continue to be suspended until 30 April 2020 and most recently, the flights to Tehran had been cancelled until March 28. …