Solidarity With All Refugees: Integration House Calls for Refugee Ball 2022

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After a one-year break, the City of Vienna and Integrationshaus are once again inviting to the annual Vienna Refugee Ball. The event, which will take place on April 23, aims to draw attention to current problems in the refugee issue and collect donations that will benefit the non-profit organization Integrationshaus.

The Vienna Refugee Ball will take place on April 23. / Picture: © Peter Horn

The Viennese Refugee Ball will take place this year for the 28th time at the Vienna City Hall after a one-year Covid-19-related break.

The ball, which is organized by Integrationshaus and the Vienna City Government, is fully dedicated to solidarity with all refugees, no matter where they come from and no matter what brings them to Austria.

Integrationshaus is an organization that deals with the reception and integration of refugees in Austria.

Chairperson of the Board Katharina Stemberger summarizes the background of the event: "In times of great humanitarian aid for Ukrainians, in which we are also strongly involved, we call all the more urgently for a humanitarian reception program for refugees, no matter where they come from. Because the current wave of refugees shows once again how important a fair pan-European asylum policy would be, which is oriented towards human rights. At the Refugee Ball 2022, we therefore say loud and clear YES to solidarity, humanity, refugee protection and fair asylum policies."

The current humanitarian support for refugees from Ukraine shows what civil society and politics can do when those seeking protection need rapid assistance.

"The war in Ukraine is a tragedy that can hardly be put into words. Rapid aid is the only right way here. However, we also demand this basic understanding of putting human rights and humanity before political calculations for refugees of all nationalities, regardless of where they have fled from war and violence," emphasize the managing directors Alexandra Jachim and Martin Wurzenrainer.

With Deputy Mayor Christoph Wiederkehr and City Councillor for Social Affairs Peter Hacker, the City of Vienna is also represented this year at the opening of the Refugee Ball and, together with Integrationshaus, is appealing for solidarity, humanity and refugee protection.

Deputy Mayor and City Councillor for Integration Christoph Wiederkehr: "Refugees need protection and time to arrive. In Vienna, we give people the orientation and perspectives they deserve. In order for us as a society to fulfill our humanitarian responsibility in the best possible way, we need Austria-wide solidarity. Thank you to everyone who contributes to support in challenging times."

City Councillor for Social Affairs Peter Hacker: "The City of Vienna, together with the representatives of civil society, has done an outstanding job in the past weeks in caring for refugees from Ukraine and will continue to do so. The Viennese Refugee Ball stands for many things that are lived day by day: Cosmopolitanism, humanism and a solidary and peaceful coexistence. In Vienna, we follow the principle of supporting refugees from day one to gain a foothold in our city. Without organizations like Integrationshaus, this would not be possible. I would like to thank all the employees of the Vienna Refugee Assistance, who work with the refugees every day to ensure that this succeeds. The Refugee Ball is also dedicated to them and has rarely been more important than this year."

To counteract the current Covid situation, the ball will be further expanded in terms of space this year. In addition to the halls inside the Vienna City Hall, the covered courtyard is also included.

Furthermore, it will only be possible to attend the ball if you have a valid 2G certificate. This and a recommendation to wear an FFP2 mask is necessary to make the event as safe as possible.

The net proceeds of the 28th Vienna Refugee Ball will go to the projects for refugees at Integrationshaus.

The help and support for those seeking protection extends far beyond the mere accommodation for asylum seekers and refugees: intensive psychosocial care, psychological care for refugee children, independent legal counseling and other projects could not be implemented in the necessary quality without the support of donations.

If you are interested in attending the ball, you can purchase tickets at all Bank Austria branches, or online at

Here you will find the most important information about the Vienna Refugee Ball at a glance:

Ticket price: EUR 45
Dress code: "Clothing arbitrary, but desired".
Covid rules: valid 2G proof necessary, recommendation to wear a FFP2 mask
Date: 23.04.2022, 20:00 - 00:00 hrs.
Location: Vienna City Hall, Felderstraße 2, 1010 Vienna

Vienna City Government - Magistrat der Stadt Wien