These Are the 10 Finest Hotels in Austria

More+ ♦ Published: April 6, 2022; 16:42 ♦ (Vindobona)

After two lean years, Austrian tourism is looking forward to the new season. More hotel guests are expected again, and this is urgently needed. We present you the 10 best hotels in Austria. One of them, belonged to the controversial Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska. Read on if you want to know which one and where to book your upcoming luxory vacation.

The Austrian hotel scene has a lot to offer. / Picture: © Falstaff

The Covid-19 virus has dominated tourism around the world in recent years. After 2 hard years for the hotel industry, the number of visitors is expected to increase again this year.

This is also urgently necessary. The year 2021 was considered the worst since 1970 in Austria with 79.57 million overnight stays, a huge loss compared to the record year 2019, where 152 million overnight stays were almost twice as high.

This is also reflected in the nearly 35% drop in revenue - a disaster for hoteliers. Now everyone in the industry is hoping for more tourists in 2022 to turn things around.

Despite the bad news in recent weeks, such as the war in Ukraine or the spreading Corona virus, Falstaff magazine recently selected the most beautiful hotels in Austria to rekindle the desire to travel.

Under the magnifying glass were taken thereby over 1,400 hotels from Austria, Germany, Switzerland and South Tyrol, of it 539 in Austria and were evaluated in different categories.

"The hotel industry was one of the most severely tested sectors in the ongoing Covid 19 crisis. This has been a frustrating time for all travelers and hoteliers. Now it's time to indulge our wanderlust again and enjoy life," explains Falstaff editor Wolfgang M. Rosam on the Falstaff website.

Particularly Vorarlberg and Tirol could stand out, which place impressive 8 of 10 hotels. Vorarlberg alone can shine with 3 hotels in the top 4.

Among the ten best hotels in Austria is also the Hotel & Chalet Aurelio, which was recently in the news due to its sale.

According to "Vorarlberger Nachrichten", the controversial Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska sold the Hotel Aurelio in Lech to his cousin. Deripaska is considered close to the Kremlin and his companies have stakes in numerous Austrian companies, such as Strabag as reported by Vindobona.

The ten best hotels in Austria:

  1. Hotel Almhof Schneider, Vorarlberg: 100 Falstaff points.
  2. Chalet N, Vorarlberg: 100 Falstaff points
  3. Hotel Trofana Royal, Tyrol: 99 Falstaff points
  4. Burg Vital Resort, Vorarlberg: 99 Falstaff points
  5. Schloss Hotel Ischgl, Tyrol: 99 Falstaff points
  6. Hotel & Chalet Aurelio, Vorarlberg: 99 Falstaff points
  7. Park Hyatt Vienna, Vienna: 98 Falstaff points
  8. Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol, Tyrol: 98 Falstaff points
  9. Naturhotel Forsthofgut, Salzburg: 98 Falstaff points
  10. Das Central - Alpine.Luxury.Life, Tyrol: 98 Falstaff points