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Red Bull Sells More Than 5bn Cans Worldwide

Published: March 15, 2013; 19:03 · (Vindobona)

Energy drink producer Red Bull was able to increase turnovers by almost 16 %, totaling € 4.93bn.

Red Bull Sells More Than 5bn Cans Worldwide / Picture: © Wikimedia Commons / Gigi Soldano [Attribution]

The current blackmail affair does not seem to let the energy drink company lose its cool. Even with the threat of unknown persons to soil the cans with feces in case ransom money will not be paid, the products are being snatched away from the stores.

Because of an increase in prices and currency adjustments, Red Bull was able to upturn its revenues in 2012 by 15.9 % which equals a number of 5.226bn cans and total incomings of € 4.93bn. Compared to 2011, this means an improvement of business of 15.9 %.

Red Bull gives credit to the excellent sales in South Africa, Japan, Saudia Arabia, Germany, USA and France for being the reasons for this positive development. By its own account, Red Bull wants to focus on the established markets in Western Europe and the US as well as the future markets in Brasil, Japan, India and South Korea. Furthermore, the world wide roll-out of special editions in cranberry, blueberry and lime flavors, which are currently only available in Austria, is supposed to take place.

Numbers about profits were not published yet. In 2011 the company gained € 311.2m which was an almost 40 % increase to the previous year. The cash flow was at almost € 300m and capital resources at € 1.2bn back then. According to Red Bull, ambitions for the current year are just as hight and expectations of a follow-up record just as fueled. It seems that Red Bull will be flying high for some more time.

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