Forum Österreich-Russland: New Austrian-Russian Friendship Society Founded

PeopleDiplomats ♦ Published: September 28, 2021; 18:43 ♦ (Vindobona)

Recently the constituent general assembly of a new Russian-Austrian friendship society, the FÖR - Forum Österreich-Russland (Forum Austria-Russia) took place. The association, registered as a non-governmental organization, is headed by Dr. Richard Schenz and Dr. Christoph Matznetter, both former members of the Austrian-Russian Friendship Society (ORFG - Österreichisch-Russische Freundschaftsgesellschaft). The patronage has been taken over by the Ambassador of Russia in Vienna, H.E. Dmitrij Ljubinskij.

Constituent general assembly of a new Russian-Austrian friendship society (Center left: Dmitrij Ljubinskij; Center right: Dr. Richard Schenz). / Picture: © Embassy of the Russian Federation / Dmitrij Ljubinskij / Дмитрий Любинский

As the Ambassador of Russia in Austria, H.E. Mr. Ljubinskij announced on his Facebook page, he participated as a guest of honor in the constituent General Assembly of the new socio-political institution "Forum Austria-Russia" (FÖR), which took place in downtown Vienna at the Palais Kaiserhaus.

The FÖR has already been registered as a non-governmental organization.

The leadership of FÖR is under the direction of President Dr. Richard Schenz, Vice-President of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, and his deputy, Vice-President Dr. Christoph Matznetter, Member of Parliament. …