Think Thank IWM Welcomes 25 New Fellows

PeopleOther ♦ Published: September 3, 2021; 15:00 ♦ (Vindobona)

Vienna-based Think Thank IWM - Institute for Human Sciences (Institut für die Wissenschaften vom Menschen), whose board of patrons includes among others George Soros, Joschka Fischer, Karel Schwarzenberg and Erhard Busek, welcomes 25 new fellows who will spend the next months at the institute or who will support the institute from afar as non-resident fellows.

A lecturer presents her results. ( A Wikipedia fellow presents about her experience.) / Picture: © Wikimedia Commons / Jami (Wiki Ed) / CC BY-SA (

Every year, the IWM awards around one hundred fellowships to scientists, journalists and translators working on their projects at the Institute.

After a quieter academic year 2020/2021 with fewer visiting fellows able to be in residence, caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the IWM is delighted to be fully open again and will be joined by 25 new fellows. 

The IWM sees itself as a community of scholars, consisting of Permanent Fellows, Visiting Fellows (VF) and Junior Visiting Fellows (JVF).

The IWM regularly organises lectures, debates and conferences for a broad audience and pursues various practice-related projects. The results of this work are published in the form of monographs, articles and translations. In addition, the IWM publishes the biannual magazine 'IWMpost'.

In terms of content, the Institute concentrates on 3 main areas:

  • Europe's Pasts and Futures
  • Decent Society
  • Democracy in Question

According to a statement, the Institute has now extended a warm welcome to all new 2021/2022 fellows.

They will spend time at the IWM over the next few months or, as non-resident fellows, contribute to the Institute's "intellectual community" from afar.

New Fellows of the IWM

Koleka Putuma
Artist in residence at the IWM in September 2021,in cooperation with Wiener Festwochen

Ruzha Smilova
Meritocracy and the Crisis of Liberal Representative Democracy,Democracy Fellowship

Tatiana Levina
The Science of the Russian Avant-Garde: Kazimir Malevic,Eurasia in Global Dialogue

Giorgia Donà
Digital Forced Migration, Techno-Borderscapes and Coloniality,Europe-Asia Research Platform on Forced Migration

Zoran Nechev
Internal and External Understanding of EU’s Strategic Autonomy: How to Adapt to the New Realities,Europe’s Futures - Ideas for Action

Janka Oertel
Need for Speed? Europe, China, and the Competition for the Green Tech Transition,Europe’s Futures - Ideas for Action

Wojciech Przybylski
Future Europe as a Superpower: Voices from CEE,Europe’s Futures - Ideas for Action

Amanda Coakley
The Rise of Ultra-Conservatism in Central Europe and the Decline of Women’s Reproductive Rights,Europe’s Futures - Ideas for Action

Mallika Leuzinger
Archival Imaginaries and the Politics of History in South Asia,Guest of the Institute

Diego Acosta
Regional Free Movement of People Law: A New Field of Study for International Migration Law,Guest of the Institute

Umut Kuruüzüm
The Entanglements Between Wars and Economic Relations in Late Capitalism in the Context of the Semi-Autonomous Region of Iraqi Kurdistan,Guest of the Institute

András Lénárt
The Ghetto Houses of Budapest, 1944,Guest of the Institute

Ranabir Samaddar
Interpretation and Heterogeneity,Europe-Asia Research Platform on Forced Migration

Paula Banerjee
Locating the Diseased Body,Europe-Asia Research Platform on Forced Migration

Nergis Canefe
Reflexivity in Forced Migration Studies: Postcolonial, Decolonial and Transnational Methodologies,Europe-Asia Research Platform on Forced Migration

Oana Popescu-Zamfir
Weaponizing Society vs. Building Collective Resilience,Europe’s Futures - Ideas for Action

Valbona Zeneli
Outcomes of Chinese Engagement in Southeast Europe: Potential Scenarios,Europe’s Futures - Ideas for Action

Olivia Lazard
How Can the EU's Green Agenda Go Global?,Europe’s Futures - Ideas for Action

Soli Özel
Europe’s Futures - Ideas for Action

Teresa Baron
Commissioning Parents, Jan Patočka Fellowship

Františka Schormová
Prague, Red and Black: Early Cold War Journeys, Networks, and Poems, Jan Patočka Fellowship

Lutz Kliche
Carlos Franz: El desierto [Die Wüste] (ES > GER),World Literature Fellowship for Translators

Piotr Kosicki will continue his fellowship as a Ukraine in European Dialogue Sheptyts'kyi Program non-resident fellow.

For the first time, the IWM is delighted to welcome two recipients of the SEE Graduate Scholarships, Arjin Tas and Aleksandra Gagić who will be non-resident.

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