International Luxury Travelers to Visit Vienna

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The Vienna Tourist Board (WienTourismus) is targeting international luxury travelers in a fall advertising campaign across Europe and the USA in an attempt to boost Vienna's tourism industry. This campaign will include advertising for culinary events in Vienna like "Feed Your Soul," it will market Vienna as a destination for business meetings, and it will target Ultra High Net Worth Individuals. Read more about Vienna's various offers aimed at international luxury travelers.

City Councilor Peter Hanke (left), Natural History Museum Vienna Director Katrin Vohland (mid), and Director of the Vienna Tourist Board Norbert Kettner (right) in the Dinosaur Hall at the Natural History Museum Vienna. / Picture: © WienTourismus / Rainer Fehringer

With large-scale activation campaigns in Europe and the USA, the Vienna Tourist Board (WienTourismus) is starting intensive advertising in the fall to attract international leisure, business, and luxury guests for a stay in Vienna in the coming months.

“Feed Your Soul” offers soul food in eight markets

Vienna Tourist Board’s large-scale fall campaign “Feed Your Soul” is running in eight markets at once: Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain, Great Britain, Poland, and Austria.

It has been inviting travelers since mid-September to do themselves good with soul food in the form of art, Vienna’s imperial flair, culinary delights, and special, genuine experiences under the motto “Feed Your Soul.”

City-savvy travelers are targeted online and on social media with different subjects and offers, depending on their profile and preferences. In addition, outdoor advertising in prominent locations in the target markets shows what there is to experience in Vienna in the fall.

The campaign in Germany and Switzerland is being strengthened by cooperation with the Expedia booking platform.

As in the international spring campaign, the Vienna Tourist Board is again offering Viennese companies the opportunity to participate in the campaign free of charge with specific booking offers and to use the Vienna Tourist Board’s high-reach marketing channels.

Focus on Vienna as a meeting destination

While “Feed Your Soul” activates leisure guests, another international campaign is aimed at professional meeting planners and decision-makers in the meetings industry. “Vienna: A Pleasure doing business” will run from October 11 online and on social media in the USA, Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland, and Belgium, where many international trade associations have their headquarters.

In the most important long-distance market, the USA, print ads will also be placed in renowned business magazines such as The Wall Street Journal.

The campaign also draws attention to the "Vienna Meeting Fund 2021-2023", endowed with four million euros, which supports congresses and conferences from Austria and abroad with up to € 60,000.

Together with ÖBB, the Vienna Tourist Board is also promoting the Nightjet connection from Brussels and the attractive Railjet connections from Munich, which are also a climate-friendly travel alternative for business travelers.

Purchasing power: focus on the super-rich

With the new film “Vienna - A luxurious journey,” which showcases the opulent soul and luxurious lifestyle of the city, the Vienna Tourist Board is whetting the appetite of the target group of luxury travelers for Vienna.

The focus is on so-called Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWI) with assets of over 30 million US dollars each, who are at the top of the list of the highest-spending guests and are heavily courted worldwide.

Through targeted marketing measures and cooperation with Viennese providers in this segment, the Vienna Tourist Board is building up contacts with so-called gatekeepers, i.e. people UHNWI trust, such as personal assistants or concierges, in order to attract luxury travelers to Vienna.

Utilizing the overnight stay boost in the pre-Christmas period

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, December was one of the months with the highest turnover for Vienna's accommodation providers.

In order to advertise the high-value pre-Christmas season, the Vienna Tourist Board will motivate visitors to take a winter trip to Vienna from mid-November in those markets that promise the highest potential at this time.

All campaign components are planned in quickly adaptable, flexible scenarios because, as with all activities, this campaign also takes into account the fact that the epidemiological framework and the associated measures can change.

In addition, the Vienna Tourist Board is taking part in the Austrian advertising media offensive on the topic of winter.

City Councilor Peter Hanke and Director of Vienna Tourist Board Norbert Kettner

About the campaign, Peter Hanke, the City Councilor for Finance, Economy, Labor, International Affairs and Wiener Stadtwerke, said, “After difficult months for city tourism, the Viennese visitor economy companies were finally able to host top-class international visitors again in the summer, especially in the leisure and business sectors. On the further path to normalization, we are relying on a large number of measures so that capacity utilization increases again, entrepreneurs can operate more profitably, and Vienna returns to its old strength!”

Norbert Kettner, Director of the Vienna Tourist Board, said, “The strategy is clear: we want to make up as best we can in the fall and pre-Christmas period for what was lost in the first half of the year due to an almost five-month accommodation ban for leisure guests. To this end, we are launching target group-specific activities at short intervals and on a broad basis in order to generate bookings for the coming weeks and months, even at short notice. Vienna is showing a strong presence in the most important international origin markets.”

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