Viennese Public Transit Network: Normal Service Again from 18 May

More+More+ ♦ Published: May 11, 2020; 15:20 ♦ (Vindobona)

The Viennese Lines (Wiener Linien) increased their operations further on 11 May. Normal service with peaks of up to two minutes is planned again from 18 May.

Viennese Lines - Wiener Linien, Four generations of traction vehicles. / Picture: © Wikimedia Commons / Martin Ortner (contact via talk) / CC BY-SA (

Already since Monday, May 11, the five underground lines have been running again at the densest possible intervals.

For example, a new train arrives on the U1 at the morning peak every two minutes. The night subway is still being replaced by night buses.

Buses and trams will continue to run at short intervals until 15 May inclusive, according to an adjusted holiday timetable for a weekday. For example, a new train will arrive every four minutes on tram line 43, and line 57A will run every seven minutes during the morning peak.

Normal Service Again from 18 May

On 18 May - when many pupils start school again - the bus and tram also return to their usual dense normal service. At the weekend, the Sunday timetable applies.

Night buses every hour bring people to work - from 30 May every 30 minutes

On weekends, night buses will be running instead of the night subway until further notice. They also run every hour during the week.

As of 30 May, Wiener Linien will intensify the frequency.

The night buses will then operate at a compressed 30-minute interval.

Mouth and nose protection in vehicles and in the entire area of underground stations is mandatory

Since the beginning of May, an ordinance of the Federal Government has been in force, according to which a mouth and nose protector must be worn when entering public places in closed rooms. In addition, a distance of at least one metre must be kept from people who do not live in the same household.

For public transport passengers, this means that they must wear a mouth-and-nose protector in the vehicles and in the entire area of the underground stations. The only exceptions are children under 6 years of age and persons who cannot wear the mouth and nose protector for health reasons.

The obligation to wear a mask is also enshrined in Wiener Linien's conditions of carriage; this means that Wiener Linien can refuse carriage to persons who do not comply with them.

The Vienna Lines provide information about the mask obligation by means of announcements, pictograms and info messages on the overhead displays and info screens in the stations or stops. The service and security employees who travel on the public transport network are also instructed to inform passengers about the regulations.