Project "Christmas together with Ukraine" in Vienna

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Children from different regions of Ukraine visited Vienna for a Christmas concert. The project "Christmas with Ukraine" is held on the route Uzhhorod-Budapest-Vienna-Bratislava-Prague-Warsaw-Uzhhorod. Despite air raids and the bombing of cities, the children prepared and currently present a bright Christmas performance.

Children from several ensembles of different Ukrainian regions sang at the Christmas market in Schönbrunn and the Hofburg for Austrian President Van der Bellen. / Picture: © Ukrainian and Austrian crossed flags by

The project aims to draw the attention of the European community to the tragedy of the children of Ukraine, whose childhood is currently being destroyed by the war.

Through children's art diplomacy, the vision of Ukraine as a country with a long history and distinctive culture, which defends its independence and cherishes European values is being formed. According to the Ukrainian Embassy in Vienna, "Talented children and youth groups demonstrated Ukrainian traditions and unity for the sake of Ukraine's Victory."

The children presented the festive program to Austria's President Alexander Van der Bellen in Hofburg, at the Christmas market near the Schönbrunn Palace and in the centralized settlement of Ukrainians in Vienna.

President Van der Bellen and Ukraine's Ambassador Vasyl Khymynets in Vienna were very pleased with the project and consider it an important diplomatic sign for peace in the middle of the Christmas season.

About "Christmas with Ukraine"

With Christmas carols, 50 children from regions where hostilities continue and children from Transcarpathia bring a reminder of the war in Ukraine to the representatives of European countries.

The project includes Debrecen, Budapest, Vienna, Bratislava, Prague and Warsaw. In all these cities children perform for ambassadors, heads of state and parliaments, as well as for the Ukrainian diaspora.

People's Deputy from Selenski's faction "Servants of the People", Yuliya Hryshina, together with the head of Transcarpathian OVA Viktor Mykyta, initiated the project "Christmas with Ukraine" - a European tour, during which Ukrainian children sing Christmas carols for the top leadership of the countries of Central Europe.

"The project "Christmas with Ukraine" not only fulfills a cultural mission but also becomes an example of real children's diplomacy," explained the co-organizer of the project Yuliya Hryshina, continuing "Through emotions, communication, new acquaintances, children tell Europeans what Ukrainians are fighting for, what the whole Ukraine is fighting for."

"Children are the best diplomats and we were accompanied by incredible emotions everywhere! Moreover, this is another opportunity to hold high-level meetings with European colleagues and receive much-needed support," Hryshina said.

Viktor Mykyta, head of Transcarpathian OVA, is convinced that the project achieved its goal. "The children had the opportunity to see Europe, have a little rest, introduce our culture and remind everyone that Ukraine is struggling. The goal of our project was fully achieved. I am sincerely happy about it," Mykyta concluded.

Embassy of Ukraine in Vienna