Nehammer at EU Summit: Russia Sanctions and Western Balkans Support

PeoplePoliticians ♦ Published: March 28, 2022; 22:35 ♦ (Vindobona)

The EU summit, which was also attended by U.S. President Joe Biden, focused on the political crisis caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Austrian chancellor Karl Nehammer attended the European Council too and expressed the importance of stability in the Balkans. Read about the European Council and the chancellor's visit to Brussels.

Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer in Brussels after the European Council. / Picture: © Bundeskanzleramt (BKA) / Arno Melicharek

In the context of the Russian military aggression against Ukraine, the European Council met with the U.S. President to discuss transatlantic cooperation.

The European Council condemns the aggression against Ukraine and urges Russia to guarantee safe passage to civilians entrapped in war zones to a destination of their choice. In addition, Russia is urged to immediately release all hostages, to provide uninterrupted humanitarian access and to establish humanitarian corridors. The European Union is committed to helping Ukraine where ever they can. …