Mask Mandate Ends in Viennese Public Transport

Lifestyle & TravelHealth ♦ Published: February 28, 2023; 22:37 ♦ (Vindobona)

What was announced at the beginning of this month now is a reality. Starting in March, Vienna will end its mask mandates. The city has been particularly strict with Covid covid regulations as it is the last state to end the mandates in public transport.

Vienna Will End its Mask Mandates in Public Transport by the Beginning of March / Picture: © Wikimedia Commons, My Friend, CC BY-SA 3.0

With the expiration of the stricter Viennese rules, the mask obligation in public transport falls, and a prohibition does not come. However, Those who want to can and should continue to wear a mask, according to city hall. Even if the infection numbers rose again recently, no further increase is expected. One is at the end of a fading wave. Thus, it is justifiable to do without the mask on the public transport system, according to ORF.

Also according to ORF, transportation companies can still require a mask as part of their house rules. However, neither Wiener Linien nor OEBB intends to do so. The Wiener Linien say that they are adhering to the requirements of the respective ordinances. Moreover, at OEBB, it is similar: they adhere to the requirements of the federal states.

After considering all aspects, the situation in the hospitals, and the latest model calculations, it nevertheless appears responsible not to extend the special regulations for Vienna at the end of February. "In concrete terms, this means that the mask requirement in public transport will end at the end of February." Said Vienna Mayor Michael Ludwig at the beginning of February. In addition, it is planned that the testing obligation for hospitals, old people's homes, and nursing homes will also expire at the end of February. The current regulation for visitors and the COVID screening of employees will also end.

The PCR testing obligation for hospital visitors in Vienna and hospital staff themselves will also be abolished. Until now, they had to undergo regular testing. However, the mask remains mandatory for visitors, just as it does for doctors. In addition to hospitals, the mask requirement also applies to doctors' offices and inpatient care facilities. All those regulations will end Austria-wide on April 30, according to ORF.


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