Mask Obligation in Vienna's Public Transport Remains

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While the Corona measures have been softened further at the Austrian federal level, Vienna is sticking to its stricter rules. The mask requirement on public transport in Vienna will be maintained into the year to come.

For the time being, there will be no change to the mandatory wearing of masks on buses, subways and streetcars in Vienna. / Picture: © Wikimedia Commons, My Friend, CC BY-SA 3.0

In recent days, renowned experts have declared the coronavirus pandemic to be over, as reported by ORF. Corona is now endemic, i.e. regionally and temporally limited, although the coronavirus has not become less dangerous for risk groups as a result.

The call for further relaxation of still existing coronavirus measures in Vienna became loud thereby. One of them, as reported by ORF, came from epidemiologist Eva Schernhammer, a member of the GECKO commission, "In the case of the mask requirement in Vienna's "public transport", we will reach the point of no longer being able to understand it in the next few weeks."

Maintaining the mask obligation in the public means of transport in Vienna is exaggerated, said the epidemiologist Eva Schernhammer according to ORF.

City of Vienna sticks to stricter rules

An FFP2 mask must still be worn when using public transportation. This applies - as before - also in closed rooms of the associated stations, platforms stops, and stations. This applies to both passengers and staff unless suitable (especially technical) protective measures have been established elsewhere.

This regulation remains at present as it is, it was said in addition from the office of Vienna health city councilor Peter Hacker (SPÖ), as the ORF reports. The current status is that the mask obligation in the Viennese "Öffis" is valid until 28 February.

The requirement to take a PCR test for hospital visits will not change for the time being. However, the situation is of course being constantly monitored, according to the Vienna City Health Council.

Visitors are still required to take a PCR test and wear an FFP2 mask. This means that a negative PCR test result must be presented at the time of the visit. This negative test result must not be older than 72 hours. The validity has been adapted to the provisions of the federal regulation. Exceptions are possible for special cases (recovery within the last two months, minors, persons in need of support, pregnancy, hardship cases).

An FFP2 mask must still be worn when entering pharmacies - not least because pharmacies are also COVID testing stations where suspected cases are clarified. This applies to both customers and staff unless suitable (especially technical) protective measures have been established elsewhere.

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