Extension of Headscarf Ban and Simplified Revocation of Citizenship of IS Returnees

More+More+ ♦ Published: November 14, 2019; 19:59 ♦ (Vindobona)

The Austrian Freedom Party underscored its demand for an extension of the ban on headscarves in schools, and initiated a lively discussion on how to deal with the 320 officially known IS supporters who voluntarily travelled to war zones or intended to do so, even though they might become stateless, in order to revoke Austrian citizenship.

According to the FPÖ, the ban on covering the head at school for religious reasons should not only apply to elementary schools, but also to pupils up to the age of 14 as well as to teachers. / Picture: © Wikimedia Commons / Chris Schuepp [CC BY 2.0]

Amendment of the Citizenship Act

With an amendment to the Citizenship Act, the FPÖ wants to ensure that Austrians who have joined the so-called Islamic State or participate in armed conflicts abroad on behalf of other organised groups can be deprived of their citizenship even if they become stateless as a result.

However, Austria is bound by EU and UN…