Emergency Medical Services in Vienna: 2000 Calls per Day

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Now operating around the clock (24/7), the Physician Home Call Service Vienna (Ärztefunkdienst), which is equipped for suspected corona virus cases, has recorded a five-to-seven-fold increase in the frequency of calls.

The Ärztefunkdienst has recorded a five-to-seven-fold increase in the frequency of calls. / Picture: © Wikimedia Commons / User:Pflatsch / CC BY-SA (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/)

Since Tuesday, the frequency of calls has increased five to sevenfold, although a decrease was recorded again from Friday to Saturday.

On Thursday there were 1,529 calls.

On Friday, after it was announced that the "Ärztefunkdienst" now also operates around the clock and is equipped or responsible for suspected cases of corona virus, the number of calls rose to 2,045, only to fall back again to 1,683 on Saturday.

Four New Cases of COVID-19-Infection Confirmed in Vienna

The Medical Crisis Unit of the City of Vienna also confirmed that the number of positively reported cases in Vienna, which was announced this morning, was eight in total.

Four of them had been added this Sunday.

German tourists

It concerns a German holidaymaker couple, which might have been infected during a carnival event. At least there was one case that tested positive at this event. This couple was informed about this case and had themselves tested at the Kaiser Franz Josef Hospital (KFJ). The result is positive. The couple did not attend any major events in Vienna such as concerts or exhibitions. They are currently in seclusion in their holiday apartment in Vienna. They are doing well. The further procedure is still to be decided.

A woman and a man in Vienna without any relation to each other

The other two are a female and a male from Vienna, unrelated to each other and to other known cases. They reported in over 1450 after the appearance of symptoms and were looked after and tested by the medical radio service. The course of the disease is mild and they are both in seclusion at home. The Viennese woman is believed to have contracted the disease in Milan, where she was previously on holiday. It is not yet known where the Viennese man might have contracted the disease. The relevant contact persons for both are now also being checked. So far, however, no results are available.

Overall, the medical crisis management team of the City of Vienna notes that cooperation with the medical radio service is working well and this good cooperation has led to a considerable reduction in the workload of the hospitals.