Covid-19 in Austria: 3 Million Vaccines Administered

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Austria has administered 1 million Covid-19 vaccines in 19 days. The 3 million mark was exceeded on April 29, only 19 days after Austria has cracked the 2 million mark. In May and June, the new Austrian Health Minister Wolfgang Mückstein expects further increases of the vaccination progress.

Austria's Health Minister Wolfgang Mückstein is delighted about the vaccination progress in Austria. / Picture: © Bundeskanzleramt (BKA) / Dragan Tatic

After the 2 million vaccinations mark was exceeded on April 10, the 3 million mark was cracked only 19 days later, on April 29. Currently, around 3.05 million vaccinations have been administered in Austria.

"Since March 30, more than 1.4 million vaccinations have been administered in Austria, more than 46,000 vaccinations on average per day," says a pleased Health Minister Wolfgang Mückstein in a press release of the Ministry of Health.

Whereas at the end of March just over 32 percent of the over-65s had been vaccinated, today the figure is already more than 66 percent. This figure has also doubled for the entire vaccinated population. There, a month ago, about 15 percent had already received a vaccination; today, nearly 30 percent have already received at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine.

"April showed us how well we can improve the pace of vaccination in Austria when sufficient vaccine is available. In May, we expect about 500,000 doses of vaccine delivered per week. This means that we will be able to increase the vaccination rate significantly once again. In June, it will be as many as 700,000 doses per week," said Health Minister Wolfgang Mückstein.

Phase 3 of the vaccination plan will begin in May. This phase is characterized by large-scale vaccine availability, which means that broad vaccination of the population can begin. The primary prioritization in Phase 3 continues to be by age and health risk.

During the coming weeks, we can expect to see a large-scale opening of enrollment in all states. In mid-May, companies will also be able to start the vaccination process.

"This will allow us to easily meet our vaccination goals and get everyone vaccinated by the summer. Up to 70% of the vaccine-eligible population is realistic if we all work together. Because in June, for the first time, there will be more vaccine available than there are people willing to be vaccinated. Then it will be a matter of convincing those people in Austria who are still hesitating of the usefulness of the Covid-19 vaccination. It is the key in the fight against the pandemic and will bring back many of our accustomed freedoms. That's why I urge everyone to take advantage of this important offer and book a vaccination appointment at the first opportunity," Mückstein concluded.

All vaccination figures and links to register in the federal states can be found at:

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