Austria's Chancellor Nehammer on Missile Strike in Poland

PeopleDiplomats ♦ Published: November 16, 2022; 22:48 ♦ (Vindobona)

According to current knowledge, a misguided Ukrainian missile was the cause of the impact in Poland. Austria's Chancellor Nehammer calls for prudence as the "order of the day,", especially in times of war, and condemns the large-scale Russian missile attack on Ukrainian civilian facilities.

"Prudence is the order of the day, especially in times of war," declared Austria's Chancellor Nehammer. / Picture: © Bundeskanzleramt (BKA) / Florian Schrötter

"Terrible news reached us last night from Poland, which not only disturbed but also shocked us. Our thoughts are with the victims and their families. The current state of knowledge is that it was a misguided Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile that hit Poland, claiming two lives," Chancellor Karl Nehammer said in a statement convened at short notice in the Chancellor's Office after…