Austrian Government Reshuffle: Who Are the Newcomers?

PeoplePoliticians ♦ Published: December 3, 2021; 15:44 ♦ (Vindobona)

Following the resignations of Sebastian Kurz and Gernot Blümel over serious corruption allegations, and of Alexander Schallenberg, the new Chancellor Karl Nehammer has presented his provisional government team. Who are the new faces in Austrian domestic and foreign policy?

Karl Nehammer was unanimously appointed today by the Austrian People's Party (ÖVP) federal party executive committee as the new party leader and federal chancellor. / Picture: © ÖVP Bundespartei / Jacob Glaser

After the resignations of Austrian People's Party leader Sebastian Kurz, Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg and Finance Minister Gernot Blümel, the new Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer has presented the ÖVP's new provisional government team in a press conference on the government reshuffle.

These are the new Austrian People's Party (ÖVP) government members:

Schallenberg returns to the Foreign Ministry …