Austrian Chancellor Met Scholz and Habeck in Berlin: "Russian Energy Embargo Not an Issue"

PeoplePoliticians ♦ Published: April 4, 2022; 15:18 ♦ (Vindobona)

Olaf Scholz and Karl Nehammer recently met in Berlin to discuss the tense political situation. The Russian Federation's attack on Ukraine triggered a chain reaction of economic sanctions. Germany and Austria stand side by side as partners and want to respond to the difficulties together.

Karl Nehammer and Olaf Scholz met in Berlin. / Picture: © Bundeskanzleramt (BKA) / Dragan Tatic

Germany's Chancellor Olaf Scholz received Karl Nehammer in Germany. Together, the two politicians discussed the situation in Ukraine and exchanged views on how to deal with the Russian aggressor. According to Nehammer, the Russian demand to pay for gas in rubles in the future will not be given in - the treaties are clearly on the side of the EU on this point.

Nehammer, accompanied by Integration Minister Susanne Raab, had traveled to Berlin to hold a series of talks with members of the German government.

In a joint appeal, the two heads of government called on Russian President Vladimir Putin to stop the war against Ukraine, agree to a cease-fire, allow humanitarian supplies to be delivered and hold real peace negotiations. …