Wiener Linien Are Reducing Their Driving Schedules

TransportRoad ♦ Published: January 4, 2023; 23:10 ♦ (Vindobona)

The public transport company in Vienna Wiener Linien will be reducing their frequency of driving and thinning out their schedule. This is happening because the company is suffering large personnel shortages and therefore need to stabilize the situation.

Wiener Linien Will Thin Out their Driving Schedule / Picture: © Wikimedia Commons, My Friend, CC BY-SA 3.0

The schedule of Wiener Linien has already been reduced by 0.4 percent since November 1 - now it will be thinned out again by 2.3 percent. This affects 19 of the 28 tramlines and 16 of the 131 bus lines. Nothing will change on the subways. "Further extension of the intervals for trams and buses should bring the best possible return to more reliability and regularity and relieve the strain on the staff," says Wiener Linien, according to ORF.

According to Kurier, The reasons for the longer intervals are the lack of personnel, numerous sick leave, and a lack of applicants, Wiener Linien, therefore, started a recruiting campaign back in November and at the same time adjusting the timetable, which has increased waiting times for buses and trams by up to 30 seconds. The long waiting times for trams and buses have recently dominated the debate about Wiener Linien.

ORF further states that a further measure in Wiener Linien's five-point program is a "training campaign". Among other things, people with insufficient knowledge of German for driving service training can complete a ten-week German course that takes place during working hours. In addition, the existing staff is motivated to recruit new people - with a bonus of 1,000 euros. The tram schools are already "well filled" for the coming months, but there are still a few free places in the bus courses.

The driving service is also to become more attractive, among other things through higher salaries and allowances since January 1, 2023, and a long-term reduction in working hours from 37.5 to 35 hours a week with the same pay. Further improvements in the rosters are currently being examined – for example concerning the so-called interrupter services and the places where the service starts and ends. Wiener Linien is currently expecting an improvement in the personnel situation by autumn 2023 – then it will probably be able to use the full schedule again, according to Kurier.