Vienna International Airport: Business With Low-Cost Carriers booms.

Published: October 21, 2010; 16:23 · (Vindobona)

A significant portion of Vienna International Airport’s sales are achieved with low-cost airlines. The airport's boss wishes a more extensive partnership with the Bratislava location.

Vienna International Airport: Business With Low-Cost Carriers booms. / Picture: © Vienna Airport / Flughafen Wien AG

Sales of Vienna International Airport grow, thanks to the increasingly stronger segment of the low-cost carriers. Flyniki is currently achieving even higher growth than Austrian Airlines, said the managing director of the airport, Herbert Kaufmann. Vienna has the advantage, unlike other European airports, of not having closed down to the low-cost airline trend.

Should Ryanair wish to land in Vienna, it would have to agree to the same terms as the other airlines. "Ryanair has to pay what the others also pay. If Ryanair does not want this, it will not be able to operate in Vienna".

Ryanair has been flying to Bratislava for years, and since 2009 it has even become the main airline. This is another reason for Vienna airport to work closely with Bratislava. This wish has been expressed to politicians several years ago. There will certainly be further discussion on the subject. 

The airport's boss said, concerning the costly project of Skylink, which has also been already criticized by the Audit Court, that its cost would remain below 830 million euro. The economic feasibility of the project continues being the same as before.