Vienna Also Relaxes Corona Measures, But Stays With 2-G Rule in Gastronomy

More+More+ ♦ Published: February 3, 2022; 16:06 ♦ (Vindobona)

The city of Vienna has announced that it will relax the current Corona measures largely in line with the nationwide easing. Only one point is to be deviated from.

Mayor Michael Ludwig: "Vienna will maintain the 2-G rule in the catering industry, but will support the extension of the curfew from 10 p.m. to midnight." / Picture: © Magistrat der Stadt Wien / Christian Jobst / PID

In the gastronomic sector, 2G is to remain as an entry requirement. Thus, one must be vaccinated or recovered in order to be allowed to consume in a catering establishment; a negative Corona test will still not suffice for this.

"We will support the extension of the curfew and those measures of the federal government that are associated with the constant wearing of an FFP2 mask," said Vienna's mayor Ludwig.

Vienna will maintain the 2-G rule in the catering industry, but will support the extension of the curfew from 10 p.m. to midnight.

Vienna is also following the federal government's other proposed measures.

In the event sector, as in all of Austria, 50 people instead of 25 will again be able to gather without assigned seating as of February 5.

As of February 12, unvaccinated persons will also be allowed to store in stores away from daily needs, but at the same time an FFP2 mask requirement will continue to apply in retail outlets.

In the gastronomy remains for the time being the 2-G-regulation, because when eating, of course, no mask protection is possible.

"I'm in favor of uniform federal regulations across party and state lines, but the pandemic isn't over yet. And there are also severe courses of the disease with the Omikron variant," Ludwig said.

Omikron is still spreading in the federal capital, he said, causing the number of new infections and active corona cases to continue to rise.

It is not yet known how the virus variant BA.2 will affect the future, he said. In the Viennese hospitals, level six of eight has been reached. The burden on hospital staff has even increased in some hospitals, in part because of noticeable staff absences, Ludwig said.

"At present, there are still more admissions than discharges in Vienna's hospitals," added Michael Binder, the medical director of the Vienna Health Association is also a member of the mayor's expert panel. Currently, about 15 percent of infections are caused by the BA.2 variant, said Binder, who expects this number to double every week.

The best remedy against the further spread of the virus, he said, is vaccination. That's because only corona vaccination would protect against severe disease and maintain immune protection over time.

The current regulations and key points for Vienna in detail:

From February 5

  • Shifting of the curfew from 22:00 to 24:00 hours
  • Increase of event capacity from 25 to 50 persons (gatherings without assigned seating)
  • Events with 2G and FFP2 mask

As of February 12

  • End of the 2G obligation in the retail sector
  • Obligation to wear FFP2 mask in trade remains in force

From February 19

  • 3G in tourism
  • 2G continues to apply in the catering trade
  • Events: 3G and FFP2 mask

The corresponding regulation is not yet available, so there may still be changes.

Vienna City Government - Magistrat der Stadt Wien