Two Young Ukrainians Were Taken to Moskau

OrganizationsOther ♦ Published: January 15, 2023; 23:31 ♦ (Vindobona)

Two young Ukrainians have been brought from Tyrol to Moscow without noticing the responsible Ukrainian authorities. An employee from the state of Tyrol and the European Ombudsman office is said to have been involved in bringing young people to Moscow as part of family reunification that was not coordinated with the Ukrainian authorities.

Two Young Ukrainians Have Been Taken From Tyrol to Moscow Without Noticing the Responsible Ukrainian Authorities. / Picture: © Thomas Topf / © Parlamentsdirektion

A Tyrolean state official has been suspended for the time being because he is said to have been involved in bringing two young Ukrainians to Moscow as part of family reunification that was not coordinated with the responsible Ukrainian authorities. This was announced by the Tyrolean state press office on Saturday. The 16 and 17-year-olds were housed in a children's and youth facility in Tyrol and were flown to their mothers in Moscow, according to Kurier.

"According to the information currently available to us, an employee of the European Ombudsman Institute, who is also employed by the Tyrolean Provincial Ombudsman's Office, was involved in the processes," explained Tyrol State Office Director Herbert Forster. The man acted at the request of his Russian ombudsman colleague. According to him, he received information from the Russian embassy that the young people's mothers were already in Russia and wanted their families to be reunited, as stated by ORF.

According to Kurier, the state of Tyrol is in close contact with the official offices of the Foreign Ministry, the Ukrainian embassy and the public prosecutor's office and promised full support for the investigation. An internal investigation of the events has already been commissioned. Since the institution of the state ombudsman is an organ of the state parliament, the club chairmen of the state parliament parties were also informed about the current state of knowledge on Saturday.

As reported by ORF, Walter Peer, Honorary Consul of Ukraine, was also irritated by the events. “We invited 250 children from Tyrol to find shelter with us from the war zones. These children are doing well.” One person has now brought these children from Tyrol to Russia – into enemy territory. "That's the first thing that's irritating." "If there is this desire for reunification, then the state of Tyrol with the consulate, with the embassy, would have invited these mothers to pick up these children, but not under a foreign flag," emphasizes Peer.