Revolutionizing E-Mobility in Austria: Introduction of the E-Control Tariff Calculator for E-Charging Stations

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In a new initiative to promote e-mobility, the Austrian regulatory authority E-Control has introduced a new comparison calculator for public e-charging points.

The new calculator shows the cheapest charging tariff for the respective electric car depending on personal usage behavior. / Picture: © Wikimedia Commons/ Peter Kersten/ CC BY-SA 4.0 (

This online rate calculator, presented by E-Control board member Wolfgang Urbantschitsch and Leonore Gewessler, the minister responsible for transport and energy, enables users to find the most favorable charging tariff for them based on their personal usage behavior and vehicle type.

The calculator, which compares 24 rates from 14 providers, offers a comprehensive overview of the costs per 100 kilometers, the availability of charging stations, and the costs for fast charging with direct current and slower charging with alternating current. This initiative is an important step towards shedding light on what is often referred to as the "tariff jungle" and helping consumers choose the right tariff.

Rise of electric cars

In recent years, Austria has seen a significant increase in new electric car registrations, highlighting the need for an improved and more transparent charging infrastructure. The new online application is available at, aims to make e-mobility even easier and more accessible for drivers.

The funding program "Charging infrastructure in underserved areas" (LADIN) with a budget of 10 million euros is also intended to drive forward the expansion of fast-charging infrastructure in previously underserved areas. In addition to this financial support, users have access to a detailed range of information, including aspects such as availability, pricing, and different charging card options.

The introduction of the charging tariff calculator is part of a broader approach to further strengthen and promote electric mobility in Austria. This initiative focuses on the needs of electric car drivers by providing them with tools to save costs and find the charging options that suit them best. Minister Gewessler emphasized that the tariff calculator and the planned update of the charging station directory with real-time data on the availability of charging stations are important steps to further promote electric mobility in Austria and remove obstacles.

In summary, the charging tariff calculator is a significant step forward in Austria's efforts to create a sustainable and user-friendly e-mobility infrastructure. With continuous updates and further developments, this platform will undoubtedly contribute to making e-mobility in Austria an even more attractive and viable means of transportation in the future.

You can find the charging tariff calculator here: !