Energy Transition and Sustainability: French Visit to the AMAG Aluminum Plant in Upper Austria

PeopleOther ♦ Published: November 17, 2023; 16:30 ♦ (Vindobona)

The French Ambassador to Austria, Gilles Pécout, visited the AMAG aluminum factory in Upper Austria. He was accompanied by the Honorary Consul Mr. Redlhammer and Mr. Chaumont from the Economic Service. During this visit, they were received by the Managing Director of AMAG, Gerald Mayer, and the company spokesman, Leopold Pöcksteiner. The meeting provided an opportunity to shed light on the company's operational activities, strengths, and challenges.

AMAG Austria Metall AG, or AMAG for short, based in Ranshofen, a district of Braunau am Inn (Upper Austria), is Austria's largest aluminum group. AMAG is a supplier of primary aluminum and semi-finished aluminum products. / Picture: © Wikimedia Commons / Thomas Falch/ CC BY-SA 4.0 (

A central aspect of the visit was the strong focus of the AMAG site in Ranshofen on the circular economy. An impressive 75% of the company's raw materials come from the recycling of aluminum. This underlines the importance of aluminum as a strategic metal in various sectors of the economy, particularly in the automotive and aerospace industries. Reducing carbon emissions in aluminum production is an essential part of the energy transition and a key element of sustainable business.

The link between AMAG and France, both in economic and academic terms, was another important topic of the visit. Discussions also included the possibilities of university collaboration, which points to the importance of research and development in this sector.

This visit highlights the growing importance of the circular economy and sustainability in industrial production. The efforts of companies like AMAG to improve production efficiency while reducing environmental impact are crucial to achieving global climate goals. The exchange between countries such as France and Austria in this area shows how international cooperation can help promote a greener and more sustainable industry.

AMAG's contribution to the aluminum industry

The history of AMAG, the aluminum factory in Austria, is a story of innovation and change. Founded in the middle of the 20th century, AMAG has evolved from a traditional primary aluminum producer to a pioneer in aluminum processing and recycling. This transformation reflects not only the evolution of the company but also the changes in the global industry and the increasing focus on sustainability.

AMAG's business units cover a broad spectrum and demonstrate the company's commitment to providing innovative solutions in the aluminum industry. From the production of primary aluminum to recycling, AMAG takes a holistic approach. This approach is particularly notable in the context of the circular economy, where the company obtains a high percentage of its raw materials from the recycling of aluminum. This practice not only conserves resources but also minimizes environmental impact, making AMAG a key player in sustainable industrial production.

AMAG's product range is as diverse as it is innovative. The spectrum of applications for its aluminum products ranges from vehicle construction to aerospace and construction. According to its own statement, AMAG's product areas focus on utility, ecological and economic sustainability. As is widely acknowledged, special aluminum alloys for aviation meet the strict requirements of the industry and make AMAG a pioneer in this field.

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