New Record for Austrian Wine Exports

Published: December 28, 2011; 17:33 · (Vindobona)

Although the quantity of wine exports is shrinking steadily, the export volume worth € 126m reached a new record.

New Record for Austrian Wine Exports / Picture: ©

Compared to the previous year, Austrian wine exports rose by 2.6%. Reaching € 126m, Austrian wine exporters achieved a new record level. The first time in history the average price for on liter surpassed € 2.00. Austrian Wine Marketing: “The average prices went up, which is due to the significant decrease (-25%) in quantity. Wines are not sold anymore in the low-price segment.” Otherwise the Austrian wine exporters could not produce at cost-covering prices. “In spite of the increased average price, Austrian wine is still relatively cheap, facing the high quality level.”, the head of Austrian Wine Marketing, Willi Klinger said.

The exported quantity declined by 25%, which is due to the small harvest in 2009/10. In 2011, 46.5m liters were sold (2010: 61m liters, 2009: 69,5m liters). Losses in Germany, the main export market could be more than offset by a strong export growth to the Netherlands, the USA, Sweden and Switzerland. Exports to Germany went down by 3.5% to € 69.5m. Export growth reached 9% in the U.S., 6% in Switzerland, 11% in the U.K. and 14% in the Netherlands.

The most important wine region is Lower Austria, followed by Burgenland and Styria. Even in the capital Vienna, wine exports are registered.