Inaugural Session of the Austrian National Council

More+Events ♦ Published: October 23, 2019; 21:22 ♦ (Vindobona)

The Austrian National Council was constituted today. 40 percent women, 56 newcomers, the Greens are back. The presidency, secretaries and stewards were newly elected. After the constituent session of the National Council, the Main Committee, the Incompatibility Committee, the Immunity Committee and the Budget Committee also met to constitute themselves and to appoint committee chairmen, secretaries and stewards.

Inaugural Session of the Austrian National Council on October 23, 2019. / Picture: © Parlamentsdirektion / Johannes Zinner

The inauguration of the deputies today marked the start of the 27th legislative period of the National Council.

24 days after the elections, the newly elected mandataries met for their constituent session.

183 deputies, including Philippa Strache as a non-attached deputy, made their commitment to the Republic and the Constitution.

In concrete terms, the vow…