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Euro Adoption: Poland Has No Fixed Date Yet

Published: February 27, 2013; 17:09 · (Vindobona)

For the time being, Poland wants to meet the Maastricht Criteria. The date for entering the Eurozone will be fixed in 2015.

Euro Adoption: Poland Has No Fixed Date Yet / Picture: ©

According to Poland´s President Bronislaw Komorowski, the euro adoption remains a major goal for the country. In the next years, Poland will prepare the currency adoption. The date will be fixed after the elections in 2015, he said. Poland´s Minister of Finance Jacek Rostowski said that he wants Poland to join the Eurozone in 2017 or 2018.

Prime Minister Donald Tusk is optimistic that Poland will have fulfilled the Maastricht Criteria in 2015. According to Tusk, the budget deficit is the most important criterion. Until then, the budget deficit will be pushed below 3.0% of GDP, Tusk argued. “This is a realistic time horizon.” Komorowski added. Nevertheless, Poland´s objectives are ambitious, he noted.

Tusk underlined that Poland austerity policy makes the country stronger and more competitive. “A country which meets the Maastricht Criteria is economically more robust than other countries.” Tusk said. In total, Poland´s economy will become more prosperous and competitive.

However, the majority of the Poles are not convinced at all. According to recent surveys, only 33% of the respondents are in favor of the common currency. As Poland has held a public vote in 2003 on the EU accession, there will be no separate public vote on the euro introduction. The public vote in 2003 has also contained the monetary union.