COVID-19 in Austria: Verification of Compliance with Applicable Access Rules Becomes Easier

More+Work & Careers ♦ Published: November 12, 2021; 11:25 ♦ (Vindobona)

A new app known as Green Check is now widely available in Austria and has made verification of compliance with COVID-19 access rules much simpler. Read more about the new app and how it works.

The Green Check app has simplified the verification of COVID entry documents in Austria. / Picture: © WKW Wirtschaftskammer Wien - Vienna Chamber of Commerce / Anita Bock

Since Austria recently changed from 3G to 2G COVID-19 entry requirements nationwide and a change to 2.5G rules in the workplace is likely to follow, it is critical that companies and other institutions can easily verify the validity of COVID access documents such as vaccination or recovery certificates and test results.

The Green Check app, developed by the Austrian Social Insurance Company, now offers a quick and easy way to carry out the necessary access controls.

The app is free for download in the various app stores and allows for the simple scanning of QR codes for verification.

Entrepreneurs simply choose which G rule is checked for–the app is stored with the applicable regulations and automatically knows which certificates are recognized for this.

Importantly, no data is saved in the process of verifying the certificates.

Green Check is compatible with three different devices that are suitable for various users.

Mobile app on smartphone

One option is to download the app onto a smartphone and scan the code of the corresponding proof with the camera.

The app immediately shows whether this is valid.

This version is particularly suitable for businesses with few employees who do not need to manage mass checks in a short time.

Stationary scan hub

Another option is to connect a 2D scanner to a laptop and install it as a new device.

On the laptop, the user then accesses the website

The scanner is then used to check the QR codes of the certificates.

The stationary solution is ideal for those who perform many checks in a short time and always in the same place, e.g., at the entrance of a company, in cinemas, and catering establishments.

Mobile scanner Handheld Pro

The third choice is a handheld scanner on which the app is installed and is connected to the internet.

This device enables many checks in a short time regardless of location and the prevailing lighting conditions.

The handheld scanner is particularly convenient for event organizers, theaters, festivals, sports stadiums, etc.

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