Austria's Role in Brussels' Syria Conference Rather Modest

OrganizationsOther ♦ Published: April 24, 2018; 08:08 ♦ (Vindobona)

Austria's recent efforts regarding Syria to make only 4 million additional euros available on the one hand, and Lawrow's clear rejection of Austria's possible mediation role in the Syrian conflict on the other, cannot be classified as a success. Rather than Vienna, the Brussels Conference will seek to resume the UN peace talks in Geneva.

Austria has so far provided some €60 million in emergency aid for the 11 million Syrian refugees / Picture: © Wikipedia / Magnus Manske

The second International Assistance Conference for Syria will take place in Brussels this week to discuss aid for the eleven million Syrian refugees and other victims of the Syrian war, for which a further €530 million will be needed by the end of the year.

The conference, chaired by the EU and the UN, brings together senior representatives from more than 85 countries and…