Austria Provides 1.09 million Beds for Tourists in 2010

Published: February 4, 2011; 00:55 · (Vindobona)

In Austria, the bed capacity utilization in the winter season is higher than in the summer season.

Austria Provides 1.09 million Beds for Tourists in 2010 / Picture: © Tourism Austria

According to an annual survey of Statistics Austria, about 66 200 accommodation establishments (excluding campsites) and 1.09 million beds (excluding extra beds) were listed in Austria in the reference period November 2009 to October 2010. This denotes a widely constant bed supply (+0.3%). In contrast to commercial accommodations, where the bed capacity rose by 0.8%, bed places in private accommodations declined by 1.0%. Tyrol (23 800 establishments respectively 350 000 beds) and Salzburg (11 700 establishments respectively 206 800 beds), which listed the most nights spent by tourists, offered around half of all accommodation establishments and bed capacity.

The bed occupancy rate during the winter season 2008/09 remained more or less stable (-1.0%; 34.2%), whereas in the summer season 2010 the rate increased slightly (+0.7%; 29.6%). In the winter season, 1.00m beds were provided by 59.500 accommodation establishments. In summers season 6.400 establishments were opened and offered 1.04m beds.

The biggest regional supplier of beds was Tyrol – in the summer season (31.9%) as well as in the winter season (34%). Salzburg occupies the second place (19.9% in the winter season, 18.3% in the summer season). In the summer season, Carinthia is the third biggest supplier (12.5%), Styria has the same position in the winter season (10.4%).

The average capacity of an accommodation is only 16 beds. However, the number strongly depends on the quality class. Private accommodations offered 7 beds on average, 5- and 4 star accommodations provided 100 beds on average.

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