AACC and Vienna Economic Forum Signed a Memorandum of Understanding

PeopleOther ♦ Published: February 13, 2023; 16:28 ♦ (Vindobona)

A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between the Austro-Arab Chamber of Commerce (AACC) and the Vienna Economic Forum (VEF) to enhance mutual relations and strengthen cooperation.

Vienna Economic Forum, represented by H.E. Ambassador Elena Kirtcheva (l.), and the Austria-Arab Chamber of Commerce, represented by Mouddar Khouja (r.) signed a Memorandum of Understanding. / Picture: © Austro-Arab Chamber of Commerce (AACC)

The Memorandum was signed between the Austria-Arab Chamber of Commerce (AACC), represented by its Secretary-General Mouddar Khouja, and the Vienna Economic Forum (VEF), represented by its Secretary-General H.E. Ambassador Elena Kirtcheva.

Both parties as strategic partners have entered into this bilateral agreement to establish cooperation and good relations between both institutions, through mutual support of each other’s initiatives and activities, the organization of joint events, and the exchange of useful information on the economic situation and developments that support both institutions' objectives. Kirtcheva met with several Arab ambassadors in Vienna in an effort to further strengthen coordination and cooperation with the Arab region, an area in which SG Khouja reiterated his willingness to assist. During a courtesy visit earlier last month, Secretary-General Khouja met with Secretary-General Kirtcheva to discuss signing this MoU.

The MoU ceremony was honored by the presence of Dr. Ernst Huber, a Member of the AACC Board of Directors and Member of the VEF Honorary Committee. Dr. Snezana Kearns, Senior Project Manager, Ms. Irena Pal (BBA), Project & Office Manager, and Mag. Niko Petković, Project Manager additionally attended the ceremony from VEF’s side, whereas Mag. Leila Kaplan, Office Director and Chief of Staff attended from AACC’s side.

About the Austro-Arab Chamber of Commerce

Based in Vienna since 1989, the AACC seeks to support businessmen, individuals, companies, enterprises, and institutions of all sizes and industries.

As a member of the League of Arab States and the Union of Arab Chambers, the AACC is affiliated with them. Among its partners are chambers of commerce and industry both in Arab nations and in Austria, ministries of economics, commerce, and technology, investment authorities, and international organizations like OPEC, OFID, and UNIDO.

About the Vienna Economic Forum

Since its founding in 2004, the Vienna Economic Forum has been committed to promoting regional economic cooperation, and we are proud to see that economic cooperation between its member countries - Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, Moldova, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, Austria, Romania, Slovenia, Turkey and Ukraine - has developed successfully over the years.

Many of Austria's most prominent companies and industrialists are founding members of the Forum. The Patronage Committee of the Vienna Economic Forum is made up of the Prime Ministers of the states in the region and the Austrian Federal Chancellor. In the Committee of Ambassadors, all ambassadors accredited in Austria participate in the work of the Forum. Besides the Honorary Committee, the Vienna Economic Forum also includes a Cultural Committee.

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