Yakunin: Broad-Gauge System from Vladivostock to Vienna to Be Established

PeopleExecutives ♦ Published: May 24, 2014; 09:35 ♦ (Vindobona)

Vladimir Yakunin, head of the Russian Railways (RZD), wants to stick to his strategic plans and establish an uninterrupted rail link between Vienna and Vladivostock.

Railway companies from CEE support the idea of a rail link between Vladivostock and Vienna to attrackt more freight onto rail. / Picture: © Rail Cargo Austria

On the occasion of the conference “Europe: Lost in Translation?” by the World Public Forum “Dialogue of Civilizations”, of which Yakunin is the founding president, he explained that the business plan for the project was already completed and the railway companies involved from Ukraine, Slovakia, Austria and Russia still pursued the venture. Moreover, Deutsche Bahn and Polish PKP…