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Tough Collective Bargaining in the Electrical Industry

Published: April 6, 2011; 07:15 · (Vindobona)

The second round of collective bargaining in Austria's electrical industry had to be interrupted. About 50,000 workers are affected.

Tough Collective Bargaining in the Electrical Industry / Picture: © Vindobona.org

For the time being no agreement in the negotiation of collective agreements was reached in the electrical industry. Workers’ representatives will meet on 11 April to determine the best action for the union.

The last offer of the employers was an increase in wages and salaries of 2.3%; in addition, a one-time payment was also hinted at. For the unions, this offer is "inadequate". The real wage increase, at an average inflation rate of 2.1% in the last two years, would only amount to 0.2%. "With this figure, workers have no participation at all in the excellent economic situation of the electrical and electronics industry", according to the union. Last year, the growth of the industry was 1.6%.

The next negotiation between workers and employers will take place on 15 April. Should there be no results workers’ meetings at company level are to be held. Workers' representatives have expressed as yet nothing about possible protest measures. The union has announced in advance that the higher inflation requires a strengthening of the purchasing power and therefore more generous financial agreements would be required.

The textile industry was able however to conclude an agreement. The 12,500 workers will salaries and wages between 2.1% and 2.55% higher.

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