Three Austrian Universities Among the Top 200 in the World

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Austrian universities are getting better. At least this can be read from the recently published "Times Higher Education Ranking", which compares almost 1,800 international universities annually. This year, a total of 3 Austrian universities reached the top 200, Austria's best result so far.

The University of Vienna is the best-rated university in Austria. / Picture: © Wikimedia Commons, Bwag, CC BY-SA 4.0

This year's Times Higher Education Ranking was recently published, ranking more than 1,799 universities from 104 countries and territories. From an Austrian point of view, the ranking brings good news. For the first time since it was first published, three Austrian universities are among the top 200. Alongside the University of Vienna and MedUni Graz, MedUni Vienna also made it into this group in the ranking published today.

This year's table is based on 13 carefully calibrated performance indicators that measure an institution's performance in four areas: Teaching, Research, Knowledge Transfer and International Orientation.

For this year's ranking, we analysed more than 108 million citations from over 14.4 million research publications and took into account the responses of almost 22,000 scientists from all over the world. In total, we collected over 430,000 data points from more than 2,100 institutions that submitted data.

The results, at least in the first places, are unsurprising. After 5 consecutive years in first place, Oxford University can claim the top spot again this year. Behind them is the US Harvard University. In third place, ex aequo, are the American Stanford University and the British University of Cambridge. In fifth place is the American MIT.

In terms of the universities' origins, the top field leaves no room for doubt. Only five of the top 20 universities do not come from the USA or the United Kingdom. The best performer here is ETH Zurich in 11th place.

With 177 institutions, the USA is the most strongly represented country overall and also the most strongly represented country in the top 200 with 58 institutions.

Austria's best universities

Austrian universities are also represented in the list. The best-performing university is the University of Vienna, which is in 124th place. Behind it, Med Uni Graz is in 168th place and has gained a total of 28 places compared to the previous year. A surprise this year was the rise of MedUni Vienna, which appears in the top 200 for the first time in 194th place.

The goal of the Austrian research strategy is to place two Austrian universities in the top 100 by 2030.

Times Higher Education Ranking