Slovenia's President Emphasized Cooperation with Austrian Province Carinthia

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During a visit to the Austrian province of Carinthia, Slovenia's President Borut Pahor, together with Carinthia's Governor Peter Kaiser, emphasized the value of friendship and peace. The current crises, inflation and bilingual district courts were also discussed.

The Slovenian minority in Carinthia plays an important role in the bilateral relations between Slovenia and Austria. / Picture: © Slovenian and Austrian crossed flags by

The President of the Republic of Slovenia, Borut Pahor, wants to maintain good relations with Austria. The Slovenian minority in Carinthia plays an important role in the bilateral relations between the two republics, Slovenia and Austria. Therefore Slovenian President Pahor and Carinthian Governor Kaiser (SPÖ) held bilateral talks and emphasized important issues for the Slovenian minority in Carinthia.

Commemoration of the Peršman massacre

President Pahor and Carinthian Governor Kaiser jointly visited the Peršman Museum, which was built in memory of the 11 Carinthian Slovenes who were shot by members of the SS and the police regiment in April 1945. Peršman's homestead was an important stronghold of the partisan movement during the war. The President of the Republic of Slovenia together with the Carinthian Governor laid a wreath at the monument of the Peršman Museum.

This visit intends to underline the importance of cross-border cooperation, the Carinthian governor said. "I am pleased to welcome my friend and Slovenian President Borut Pahor here at a very historic place on Carinthian soil. It is a great honor for Carinthia as well as the Republic of Austria and a really good proof of the ever-improving relationship between the two ethnic groups in our country. "

In the presence of the only survivor, Amalia Sadovnik, Pahor spoke of a tragedy in what was then a hostile environment: "Today I come as a friend. In the spirit of friendship on a border that is no longer one, I am confident that in togetherness all outstanding issues can be resolved."

Pahor confirmed the good understanding of both ethnic groups in Carinthia. "We can be glad to live in a peaceful Europe, friendship and peace are very important," he said given the current crises.

Visit to representatives of Slovenian communities in Carinthia

President Pahor took part in a meeting of mayors and municipal representatives in Luže at the invitation of the mayors of the border municipalities Globasnica, Železna Kapla and Črna na Koroškem.

The meeting aims to support cross-border cooperation between municipalities on both sides of the border, as Luže is a popular excursion point connecting Slovenia and Austria.

The three municipalities are connected in the Geopark Karawanken and want to further deepen their cooperation. Thus, a joint cross-border hike from the Luschaalm is organized every year.

Bilateral talks between Slovenian President and Carinthian Governor

The President and the Carinthian Governor also discussed the current proposal for the reform of bilingual justice, as proposed by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Austria and agreed between the Association of Slovenian Carinthian Lawyers and the top associations of Carinthian Slovenes. In this sense, the Federal President expressed the hope that the province of Carinthia would not hinder the adoption of this reform and thus the realization of the rights of the Slovene minority.

Kaiser referred to the topics that had been discussed. Thus, they talked about the current crises and the associated inflation. Also, about the Slovenian-speaking district courts. "There is a unanimous decision of all parties represented in the provincial parliament that this service for the Slovene ethnic group will be maintained," the provincial governor said.

Kaiser also handed over to the State President the fifth report about the Slovene ethnic group in Carinthia.

Further, the interlocutors agreed that the two countries cooperate perfectly in many areas. They talked about the many potentials of regional cooperation and common challenges for the European Union. In the conversation, the Slovenian President emphasized the messages of coexistence between the two nations and neighboring countries in the common European house. At the same time, Slovenia's President Pahor recalled the joint commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Carinthian referendum, with which the two nations laid new foundations for future cooperation in 2020. In a statement to the media, the president said he wished that all possible problems would be solved in this spirit.

Slovenian language studies

In a conversation with Governor Kaiser, President Pahor expressed concern about the decision to cancel the possibility of studying Slovenian studies at the master's level at the University of Klagenfurt - Pahor demanded to find a solution for this as soon as possible study again possible.

The fact that the Slavic studies course at the Alpen Adria University will be held for the last time this year is because too few students are enrolling, Governor Kaiser said. However, it has been decided that there will be cooperation between the universities in Carinthia, Graz, and Ljubljana. Kaiser added that elementary education will also be discussed in cooperation with all three Slovenian organizations in Carinthia. Further, the inclusion of bilingual kindergarten education in a 15a state treaty agreement is a big step forward, Kaiser said.

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