Slovakia and Unicredit in a Dispute

Politics ♦ Published: June 17, 2013; 16:03 ♦ (Vindobona)

In Slovakia a dispute between Unicredit and the state has incensed. This could negatively affect the planned merger with a Czech affiliate in 2014.

Slovakia and Unicredit in a Dispute / Picture: © UniCredit Banca

The Slovakian Agricultural Ministry, which holds a stake of 0.37 percent in Slovakian Unicredit, has announced to block the merger at the general meeting on Wednesday.

The cause of the dispute is Unicredit’s interest in buying the Ministry’s equity stake of around 142,000 units. While Unicredit only wants to pay € 12.5 per share, the state demands a price of € 15 to 20…