Security Review Conference Convened by OSCE Chairpersonship

OrganizationsInternational Organizations ♦ Published: July 4, 2023; 23:31 ♦ (Vindobona)

The OSCE Chairpersonship organized the Security Review Conference in 2023 to address the security crisis and promote multilateral engagement. High-level representatives gathered to assess security threats, including the humanitarian impact of Russia's war against Ukraine.

The Security Review Conference emphasized the importance of collaboration in mitigating challenges and maintaining peace in the OSCE region. / Picture: ©

Held under the theme 'Restoring peace and security, engaging in dialogue and rebuilding trust – For the people,' the conference aimed to reaffirm the commitment to peace and security in the OSCE region.

High-level representatives from participating States and Partners for Co-operation came together to assess common security threats and challenges, as well as to evaluate the role of the organization in addressing them. The discussions centered around various topics, including the ongoing humanitarian impact of Russia's war against Ukraine, strategies to mitigate a wide range of threats and challenges, and the importance of dialogue in de-escalating violence.

During the conference's opening remarks, Bujar Osmani, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of North Macedonia and the OSCE Chairman-in-Office, emphasized their dedication to providing solutions that contribute to peace and stability in the OSCE region. He highlighted the OSCE's role as a proactive entity that offers sustainable resolutions to conflicts.

The discussions also highlighted the escalating number of transnational threats faced by the OSCE region, such as organized crime, radicalization, and violent extremism. The participants stressed the significance of collaboration in effectively addressing these challenges.

OSCE Secretary General Helga Maria Schmid emphasized the organization's role as the largest regional security organization in the world. She outlined the OSCE's comprehensive approach, ranging from bolstering border security to combating corruption, illicit trafficking of small arms, and supporting free and fair elections.

The Security Review Conference provided a platform for constructive dialogue and cooperation among participating States and Partners for Co-operation. It underscored the importance of joint efforts in tackling security challenges and maintaining peace in the OSCE region.