Russo-Ukrainian War: To Date, 14,500 Refugees Have Registered in Austria

People ♦ Published: March 21, 2022; 13:41 ♦ (Vindobona)

The terrible war in Ukraine has provided an uninterrupted stream of people seeking refuge in recent weeks. Austrian authorities are doing their best to help. Now the Austrian Ministry of the Interior has published new figures.

Many Ukrainians seeking protection come to Austria. Humanitarian aid is urgently needed. / Picture: © Ukrainian and Austrian crossed flags by

How many refugees arrive in Austria

14,500 refugees have been officially registered in Austria since the beginning of the Ukraine crisis, the Ministry of the Interior announced. Whether this is the full number of refugees, is highly doubtful. Not everyone who arrives registers immediately and many want to continue to other European countries. In addition, a Ukrainian citizen may stay in Austria for 3 months without being required to register.

The capture, which has been running for a week, registered 1,000 people in Vienna alone and 2,500 nationwide on Saturday. The flow of refugees was triggered by the invasion of Russian troops in Ukraine. According to UNHCR, over 3.4 million people have fled Ukraine in the last 3 weeks since February 22, and many more have become internally displaced persons, seeking refuge in domestic territory with less fighting. …