OECD: Austria's growth until 2012 at 2%

PoliticsDomestic ♦ Published: November 18, 2010; 14:40 ♦ (Vindobona)

According to the report, the economy is returning back to normal values, but it will have to manage without fiscal stimulus.

OECD: Austria's growth until 2012 at 2% / Picture: © Wikimedia Commons [CC0 1.0] / Pixabay [CC0 Creative Commons]

The OECD has published a report on economic perspectives. "The global economic activity has slowed down more than was expected in the first months of the year". The transition from fixed-term to self-sustaining growth is uneven.

For the euro zone, the growth forecast is of 1.7%; for Germany 2.5%. Austria's economy should grow by 2.0%. This way  the OECD has revised its…