Nobel Prize in Physics 2023: Ferenc Krausz - From Vienna to Global Fame

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The 2023 Nobel Prize in Physics has been awarded to Hungarian-Austrian physicist Ferenc Krausz, in recognition of his outstanding contributions to particle research and attosecond physics. The Nobel Committee made the announcement recently in Stockholm. Krausz shares the prestigious prize with his colleague Anne L'Huillier and his colleague Pierre Agostini.

Ferenc Krausz has been awarded the Nobel Prize for his research in physics, which he conducted at the Vienna University of Technology. / Picture: © Wikimedia Commons / C.laschinger / CC BY 2.0 (

The trio's research revolutionized our understanding of electron motion in atoms and molecules. The Nobel Committee emphasized that their groundbreaking experiments made it possible to generate extremely short pulses of light that could be used to observe the rapid processes of electron motion and energy change.

Ferenc Krausz spent much of his impressive scientific career in Austria, particularly at the Vienna University of Technology, ORF reported. Here he conducted pioneering experiments, including the generation of single flashes of light in the attosecond range - a crucial milestone that formed the basis for his later Nobel Prize recognition. Despite occasional setbacks, Krausz describes his journey as rewarding and motivating the next generation of scientists to hold fast to their convictions.

Attosecond research has the potential to revolutionize quantum physics. The ultrashort pulses of light developed by Krausz can be used to study processes previously considered "instantaneous." These groundbreaking techniques not only open new avenues in understanding quantum mechanics but could also have applications in biological research and early detection of disease.

Congratulations from all sides

The Austrian Conference of Universities (uniko) and the Vienna University of Technology have extended their congratulations to the recent Nobel laureate and top researcher. The award underscores not only the importance of Krausz's research but also the long-term value of investing in basic research, as emphasized by uniko Secretary General Elisabeth Fiorioli.

The award of the Nobel Prize in Physics to Ferenc Krausz is seen as a significant testimony to his contributions to science and a confirmation of the high quality of Austria as a center of science and research. The President of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Heinz Faßmann, Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen and many other personalities congratulated Krausz on his impressive achievement.

In conclusion, Krausz's award represents not only a recognition of his individual contributions, but also a celebration of the scientific community's collective pursuit of knowledge and innovation.

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