Physics Nobel Prize Winner Anton Zeilinger Holds Public Lecture at the University of Vienna

More+Events ♦ Published: January 23, 2023; 23:32 ♦ (Vindobona)

At a public lecture in the Audimax of the University of Vienna, physics Nobel laureate Anton Zeilinger takes the audience on a journey through the "wonderful world of quantum".

Anton Zeilinger is the first Austrian Nobel Price winner since Wolfgang Pauli in 1945. / Picture: © Wikimedia Commons, Jaqueline Godany, CC BY 4.0

For all those who are interested, the newly crowned Nobel Prize winner Anton Zeilinger will give a public lecture on Wednesday, January 25, 2023, in the Audimax of the University of Vienna, which will also be broadcast via Livestream.

Due to the high level of interest, the lecture will be broadcast in parallel in the BIG lecture hall in the main building, streamed live online, and also available for review.

Zeilinger and his accomplishments

Anton Zeilinger has been a professor at the University of Vienna since 1999, and Professor Emeritus since 2013. He is considered a pioneer in the transmission of quantum information between photons. Over the past decades, Zeilinger has achieved numerous breakthroughs in his field and set transmission records.

The list of prestigious prizes and awards to the quantum physicist is also long and has now culminated with the Nobel Prize in Physics as reported by, which he shares with his longtime companions Alain Aspect and John Clauser.

Ten days after the Nobel Prize ceremony in Stockholm, as reported, Anton Zeilinger was honored by Austria's Federal President Van der Bellen with the "Great Silver Medal with Star for Services to the Republic of Austria".

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