New Rotunde Will Be Built at Vienna Prater

More+Events ♦ Published: March 7, 2023; 00:58 ♦ (Vindobona)

A New Vienna Rotunde Will be Made at Prater. The Rotunde was a monumental building that was presented at the World Expo 1873, the first Expo in Vienna. In 1937, the building caught fire and was destroyed by the flames. Today it is experiencing its renewal.

The Monumental Vienna Rotunde Will Be Built Again 150 Years Later After It Was Burned. / Picture: © Anonym, Wiener Photographen-Association, 1873

The 1873 World's Expo in Vienna was the first ever to be held in the German-speaking world. Just as every event had a landmark (such as the Eiffel Tower at the 1889 World's Expo), the Vienna World's Fair also had a centerpiece: the Rotunda in the Prater. However, then came the catastrophe: the monumental building fell victim to a major fire on September 17, 1937. The fire is said to have been so severe that it burned the Rotunde to the ground. However, the former architectural pride of Vienna was never forgotten. The Rotunde Bridge, the Rotunda Avenue, the Rotunde Square, and the Rotunde stop of the Lilliput train still bear witness to the legendary magnificent building today, according to Meinbezirk.

150 years later, The company Panorama Vienna is currently building a 33-meter-high reinforced concrete building near the historic site, which is scheduled for completion in the summer. Inside, gigantic analog 360-degree images - i.e. panoramas - can then be marveled at, as reported by ORF.

According to the building operators, the rotunda is currently in construction phase 1; the massive floor slab was last poured at the end of February. Next up is the construction of the roof structure. Once completed, the roof will need a total of another twelve weeks to settle in its entirety, as stated by Meinbezirk.

According to, Admission prices and opening date are not yet known. However, the building will not have a historical appearance. Instead, green facades and photovoltaics will be used in the interests of sustainability, according to a statement on Monday.