New Criticism on Austerity Package

People ♦ Published: February 28, 2012; 18:00 ♦ (Vindobona)

For the chief economist at RZB, Peter Brezinschek, the austerity package is not ambitious enough. The President of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce, Christoph Leitl, criticizes the introduction of new taxes.

New Criticism on Austerity Package / Picture: © Raiffeisen Bank International / M. Schreiber

Peter Brezinschek regards the austerity package of the Austrian government as “not ambitious enough”. The chief economist at RZB thinks that the government´s plans are hard to implement, the debt reduction would not work as it was planned.

“The financial transaction tax, the tax treaty with Switzerland, which should tax illegal funds and the increase of the retirement age…