New Chinese Ambassador Held Welcome Reception at Vienna International Center

More+Events ♦ Published: April 13, 2023; 23:07 ♦ (Vindobona)

The new permanent representative of the People's Republic of China to the international organizations in Vienna, Li Song, held a Welcome Reception at the Vienna International Center.

The Chinese welcome reception was held in the Vienna International Centre. / Picture: ©

At the welcome reception in Vienna's multilateral stomping ground, the Vienna International Center, the host, the new Permanent Representative of China, Li Song, was able to present and introduce himself as a good host to many diplomats, UN staff, and the permanent representatives of other countries.

Li Song welcomed his guests with, "Welcome to the reception. I arrived here in Vienna on the 23rd of February and have already met many of you. I am happy to see you again today and it’s great to make new friends."

In the past 50 days since his arrival, he had visited more than 30 heads of international organizations and PR organizations and participated in more than 60 events. "In the process, I have felt your warmth and friendliness, as well as your great anticipation of expanding exchanges and cooperation with China, " Song said. This, he said, has given the diplomat great confidence in fulfilling his mission here in Vienna.

The diplomat comes with good news about China's development and progress. "This spring has not only eliminated snow and ice but also the pandemic. The Chinese economy is showing strong momentum as people start moving again and economic activity picks up," Song said.

The expected growth target for China's economy this year is around 5 percent. Going forward, the Chinese economy will strive for higher-quality development while maintaining certain growth rates. The ambassador promised China will fully apply the new development philosophy, accelerate efforts to promote a new development pattern and promote high-level opening-up and high-quality economic and social development.

"We will further develop the people's democracy as a whole, promote harmony between man and nature, and comprehensively push forward the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation on the Chinese road to modernization," the diplomat said. China's economic growth will give new impetus to the global economy and bring more business opportunities and development benefits to countries around the world, according to Chinese diplomacy.

China and the UN in Vienna

China is a staunch supporter and active contributor to the United Nations. China is the second largest contributor to the UN and IAEA and the largest contributor to UNIDO. In Vienna, China is heavily involved in various multilateral agendas. International staff with Chinese nationality are carrying out their duties and responsibilities and contributing their wisdom and strength to various organizations and institutions, Li Song said.

Early last month, LI Yong, an old friend of Vienna and former Director-General of UNIDO was awarded the Grand Silver Medal by the Austrian government in recognition of his outstanding contribution to UNIDO's leadership in implementing the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Mr. LI's efforts at UNIDO are a vivid demonstration of China's active commitment to global development.

Li Song was pleased to announce that Mr. Al-Ghais, Secretary General of OPEC, will attend the 6th China-OPEC High-Level Dialogue in Beijing next month. This will be the first post-pandemic visit to China by heads of major international organizations in Vienna.

"During my courtesy visits, all heads of international organizations in Vienna expressed their intention to visit China as soon as possible. China welcomes you all!" said Li Song. The successful implementation of these visits will be the top priority of his work this year. They will certainly open a new chapter of cooperation between China and the international organizations in Vienna.

"At present, human society faces unprecedented common challenges. No country can meet these challenges alone. Nor can any country dominate the world. Strengthening solidarity and cooperation is our only way out." said Li Song in his opening speech.

China has always been committed to genuine multilateralism and the principles of global governance - broad consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits.

China is willing to strengthen coordination and cooperation with all parties in multilateral affairs and jointly uphold the international system with the United Nations at its core, the international order based on international law and the principles of international relations based on the purposes and principles of the UN Charter. "We are ready to contribute to more stability, more security, and more positive energy for peace and development in the world," Li Song said.

"That is what I am here to do. My team and I stand ready to maintain strong communication and cooperation with the Group of 77 and China, our partners in the Asia-Pacific region, and colleagues in all Permanent Missions. Together, we will champion the "Vienna Spirit" and actively promote true multilateralism." the Ambassador announced in his speech.

Permanent Mission of the Peoples Republic of China to International Organizations in Vienna