Leitl: “Austria Screwed Up”

More+Comment ♦ Published: August 21, 2013; 18:41 ♦ (Vindobona)

If the US, as the perpetrator of the financial and economic crisis, shows two percent in economic growth, while Austria only 0.2 percent, then this was a “disgrace”, Leitl announced during the economic forum in Alpbach.

Leitl: “Austria Screwed Up” / Picture: © Wirtschaftsbund / Christoph Leitl

According to estimates by President of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce Christoph Leitl (ÖVP), Austria has “screwed up” in the past years compared to the European average. Until 2007, the country was able to keep pace with the best like Sweden and Switzerland. During a joint press conference with Finance Minister Maria Fekter (ÖVP) on Wednesday, he said that if the US, as the…