Labor Costs: Austria in the Upper Third

BusinessEconomy ♦ Published: April 24, 2012; 14:30 ♦ (Vindobona)

Hourly labor costs ranged between € 3.5 and € 39.3 in the EU27 Member States. In Austria, labor costs reach € 29.20.

Labor Costs: Austria in the Upper Third / Picture: ©

The average hourly labor costs were estimated to be € 23.1 in the EU27 business economy in 2011, and € 27.6 in the euro area1 (EA17). However, this average masks significant differences between Member States, with hourly labor costs ranging from € 3.5 to € 39.3. Labor costs are made up of costs for wages & salaries, plus non-wage costs such as employer's social…

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